Art of Dedication

Shizenlabs is dedicated to continuously innovate the way we pursue for the pure, intimate essence of nature. In hōkime, Japanese art of deep contemplation, an everyday act of customary patterning in a zen garden becomes an ever-challenging task, open to those with a quiet yet inquiring mind. Likewise, in continuously perfecting unique techniques, Shizenlabs focus on extracting wondrous elements from nature, putting forth simple yet beautiful creations essential to our health and well-being. Through constant inquiries and profound conversation with the intricate mother nature, Shizenlabs continues to capture its patterns in nature that speak truth to our whole being.

Innogro™ Technology

Technology that combines the essence of the East and the West. It helps penetrate deep into the scalp effectively and helps solve the root cause of hair loss and thinning hair.

Manage the root cause of hair loss problems

The power of our natural extracts will take care and solve the problem at the root cause – whether you suffer from hereditary hair loss, insufficient nutrition, slow hair growth, or other causes.  

Why East and West

Japanese and Western researchers worked together to develop natural extracts and technology bringing the strengths of various substances that help solve hair loss problems.

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